Notable Clients::..

Jonah has had the good fortune of partnering and creating works for some very special clients. Here are a few worth mentioning:

Since 2012 Jonah has been the main featured artist in the prestigious Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa, California. Jonah has created multiple pieces of artwork that adorn the walls of the main dining room, private dining room and the bar area. The restaurant owns eight of Jonah's pieces including some custom drink menus designed and created by the artist.

Works by Jonah Ward can be found at the beautiful Esperanza luxury spa and resort located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A large, custom glass-burned panel was created for the main wall in the Cocina del Mar restaurant. An additional piece is displayed behind the main registration desk that guests can see when they arrive.

A design firm sought out the artwork of Jonah Ward for the reception area of the first ever museum dedicated to the history of Irish whiskey in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. The piece is an omage to the burning of the inside of the wooden barrels where the whiskey is aged, an integral part of the process that provides flavor and color. Read the detailed press release here.


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