Jonah Ward’s Artwork Selected for Permanent Display at Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin

OAKLAND, CA - (November 8, 2014) - Today, the first museum in the world dedicated to Irish whiskey opened its doors in Dublin, Ireland and features artwork by California artist, Jonah Ward. The Irish Pub Company, a bar and restaurant design firm, discovered Jonah’s art on the Pinterest website while researching ideas on how they could introduce the way whiskey is made into the design of the space.

“We were immediately struck by the strong visual impact of Jonah’s artwork and the extremely original process of creating it,” states Seán Ryan, Designer at the Irish Pub Company. “The hallmark of classic Irish whiskey is the partnership of the natural ingredients and the industrial wooden barrels and vats that are scorched within. In Jonah’s artwork the fluid lines created by molten glass against the natural timber grain we felt conveyed this perfectly.”

The design firm selected one of Jonah’s signature pieces in which he drips molten glass onto wood panels to create burnt abstract lines and patterns. The particular piece is made up of six panels of Canary wood and stretches 57” wide and 33” tall (see image below). As the first piece of art visible to visitors entering the museum, it sets the precedent and tone for the rest of the experience. Jonah was excited when the design firm told him where his artwork was going. 

“Having my artwork as part of this museum immediately took me back to my earliest inspirations as an artist when I visited the Waterford Crystal Factory in Ireland as a teenager,” the artist explains. “It was during that visit when I became completely enthralled by glass as a medium. It now feels as though I’ve come full circle and I’m very excited and grateful to be a part of this project.”

The museum is located in a newly renovated 19th century building across from the main entrance of Trinity College in the heart of Dublin and is expected to draw 100,000 tourists in its first year of operation. The museum uniquely depicts the origins of Irish whiskey, its rise to glory, the dramatic fall and the current revival of new Irish whiskies.

About Jonah Ward

Jonah Ryan Ward (b. August 31, 1984) is an American artist born and raised on a historic homestead on Foster Mountain in Willits, California. Jonah received his BFA in Glass from the California College of the Arts in 2006. He uses various natural elements such as glass, fire, paper, water, wood, wasp nest paper and beeswax to create his artwork. For more details please visit his website at or

About the Irish Whiskey Museum

The museum is located at Grafton Street No. 119 & College Green No. 37, Dublin, Ireland. For more information on the museum visit their website at